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The senior center in Atlanta is an active facility devoted to supporting the community's seniors aged 60 and up. We include healthy meals, educational classes and seminars, art activities, nutrition, and therapy, among other things. The seniors may utilize the full cafeteria, computer lab, exercise rooms, library, community garden plots, woodworking workshop, and rooms to host special events at our large center. 

Take advantage of all the Senior center in Atlanta GA has to give by participating in one of our classes, workshops, or special events.

Our Services

For potential residents, a chance to experience our network is offered by a stay. Respite care guests enjoy the same amenities and services and service just as longer-term citizens while profiting from a relaxing, relaxing, stress-free environment. They choose to become occupants. After our assurance care, guests pick our homelike setting and community over other seniors living in Atlanta!

Events and Activities

  • The senior center in atlanta ga features spacious apartment homes with spectacular views. A private kitchenette, oversized windows, oversized baths, and plenty of storage space are all included in each home. Our common areas were meticulously planned and professionally decorated to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Stay in good health for the rest of your life. Our “Stay Fit for Life!” program at the senior center in atlanta encourages our residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This all-encompassing initiative includes a wide range of programs and services to meet our residents' physical, educational, intellectual, moral, and emotional needs. Specifically:
    1. The Wellness Room has the equipment and trained instructors to provide a range of strength and flexibility courses to residents.
    2. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available on-site through our Infinity services.
    3. Care managers conduct regular assessments to keep track of residents' changing needs.
    4. Regularly scheduled events and activities enhance fun and socialization.
    5. Seminars and classes intellectually engage residents.
    6. Nutrition and wellness services provide people with the resources they need to stay involved and safe.
    7. Residents are kept involved in the city by planned events and transportation.
    8. Outdoor excursions are encouraged by lush landscaping and walking trails.
  • Multipurpose Facility The Multipurpose Facility's mission is to offer cutting-edge programs (classes), facilities, and activities to single participants 55 and older. Participants searching for classes and opportunities to create and sustain social networks will benefit from the Multipurpose Facility's programming.
  • Adult Day Care Facility For all or part of the day, the Adult Day Care Center provides a standardized, comprehensive curriculum for adults with functional limitations. Any difficulty with mobility, dining, toileting reminders, and other physical or cognitive challenges are examples of functional limitations. Our programs provide a range of social, health, and related support services in a supportive atmosphere.
  • Neighborhood Facility The Neighborhood Facility is for people aged 60 and up who want to socialize with others in a smaller community environment. For seniors who do not drive, transportation is accessible. On weekdays, a bus will pick up seniors from their homes and transport them to the Neighborhood Center, where they will participate in various services and events, including a regular hot lunch. While seniors who participate in the services are encouraged to make voluntary contributions to help fund the center, there are no income requirements and no charge for the programs or lunch.


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