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Homemaking and Companion Care Services

Giving or getting care isn't simple, that is the reason why Companionship Care Atlanta puts connections first to help the individuals find the appropriate health care provider to safeguard the client's status and to enhance the standards for both client and loved ones in each caregiving aspect.

Here in Companionship Care Atlanta in partnership with Companion Care Atlanta, we provide excellent Homemaking and Companion for our clients. We give close consideration to the connections between the caregiver and the client. We have the confidence to say that rehabilitation starts at home, where assistance is needed the most, concentrating on providing our client regain their self-determination. Homemaking and Companion Care Services from Companionship Care Atlanta essentially provide emotional support to our clients who are healthy and would like to stay independent at home and can incorporate helping with personal care, housework, tasks, and can include any exercises that the client is passionate about.

The services that Companionship Care Atlanta are absolutely for the clients living alone most of the time, those who are barely active. This includes housekeeping chores, meal planning, and all the tasks connected to organizing a household.

What we can offer:

A good talk and companionship. Studies demonstrate that the elderly who stay sociable and used to involved in activities are having a better quality of life. They also have a low chance of developing depression and a lower risk of having dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease. Our health care provider possesses a friendly company, a good conversation, and meal companionship which we believe gives a fantastic way to keep your loved one's dedication and confidence.

Food Preparation. Daily to day chores like food preparation can be troublesome to elderlies, older adults, and seniors. Companionship Care Atlanta caregivers step in and help in the kitchen when required. Making sure to meet the nourishment requirements of the elderly. Seniors are also welcome to work along with our service provider during food preparation. This time spent cooperating is a good chance for social collaboration and discussion.

Caretaker. Caregivers are also accessible in doing light housekeeping chores. This may include administration to incorporate vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, cleaning restrooms, cleaning kitchens, cleaning kitchens (sinks, machines, counters, and taking out the garbage), fixing all rooms, arranging wardrobes and drawers, and cleaning any reachable windows and making sure laundries are taken care of this may include washing, drying, ironing, and taking care of clean cloths.

Doing Grocery. Getting around can be hard for the elderly, especially if they won't be able to drive. This may include shopping for food and different tasks like buying medicine at the drugstore or sending mails to the mail center. The elderly are free to choose if they would like to remain at home or join them to stay active and engaged.

Transportation. One of the essential parts of our caregivers is to provide transportation or make transportation arrangements, such as medical checkups, grooming, and shopping.

Medication Reminder. Companionship Care Atlanta ensures that caregivers take part in assisting your elderly in taking their prescribed medicine. Caregivers can assist with opening prescriptions, reading labels, and providing a constant reminder to your elderly for the next dose.

Grooming Assistance. Due to cognitive restrictions, our caregivers are there to assist in shampooing, shaving, hair brushing and styling, nail and skin, oral care, and other prepping needs.

Walking and strolling. Engaging in physical activities like exercising is not only good for an individual's health but also elevates healthy habits while walking, lightly exercising, and getting some sun in the early morning.

Attending Social Gatherings. We don't want our customers to feel that their enjoyable time spending things has ended. Our services will offer to go with clients attending gatherings so they can fulfill their lives by taking part in all social events and gatherings they wish to attend.


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