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Assisted living in Atlanta: The Finest in personalized care

Join the Atlanta Elder Care community and let us present you with all your needs. We create individualized treatment plans with you and your health care associates, so that you get the right amount of help. We are a licensed assisted living in Atlanta Ga providers. Our caring and compassionate staff members are well trained to fulfill the needs of every individual, while ensuring you are treated with dignity and respect. And our team is there for you seven days each week, 24 hours per day.

Liberty to Select Your services based on your Requirements

At our day care in Atlanta, we provide peace of mind for seniors who wish to ease the burden of responsibility. Letting the family to be only that -- household, rather than caregivers.

We do all the laundry and housekeeping, food shopping, and house repairs. Our personal care services are tailored and will include:

Reminders (memory and medication service )
Medication administration by a third party medicine provider (if needed)
Assistance with daily tasks (shower, transport and bathroom support, and grooming and dressing
blood pressure monitoring
Wireless 24-hour emergency response program with call pendant
Daily, nutritious, chef-prepared meals [link to dining]
Senior-friendly transport for physician visits and errands, Monday-Friday
Regularly scheduled health and exercise plans
Full-service beauty salon and barbershop

Wellness at day care in Atlanta

Our residents take part in a variety of exercise plans and health activities. All activities and exercises at Atlanta Elder Care are designed to stimulate the body , the mind, and spirit. We encourage and enable each resident in Atlanta Elder Care to stay independent and active. Our day care in Atlanta includes an indoor heated pool, exercise space, locker rooms, and even wellness rooms.
Our aquatic workouts, that can be accomplished individually or within a group, offer a cardiovascular burn light resistance. Immunity is provided by water against your system by preventing some of your joints. These exercises will help to support some of your own weight, reducing the load. Exercising in water makes you truly feel about 90% lighter, and water generates substantial resistance of air on your body.

Benefits of Exercise at day care in atlanta

Helps prevent hyperextension and repetitive stress injuries
Improves balance and also the fear of decreasing
impair blood pressure
Enhances artery health
Increases circulation
Increases metabolism rate
Individual and group floor workout plans are also provided by our experienced, trained employees and are a huge focus of our Wellness program. As we perform a preliminary evaluation we concentrate on every resident's own particular needs. We consult his/her physician.
We know that it works and you'll feel better, look better and think better with proper exercise.

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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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